Best Gas Grills Under 1000 Dollars

Best Gas Grills Under 1000

There’s a perfect grill for every outdoor enthusiast and cook, and today I’d like to talk about my favorite class of grills: the ones that get everything done with style and pizzazz, the best gas grills under 1000 dollars. I have three best grills for you that are on the market today in that price range.

Best Gas Grills Under 1000

Weber 62050001 Genesis Propane Grill33 x 39 x 26 inches4.3/5
Royal Gourmet Mirage Gas Grill74.8 x 24.4 x 49 inches3.9/5
Holland Grill Liberty Propane Gas Grill49 x 48 x 24 inches4.2/5

Best Gas Grills under 1000 Dollars

Those of you who are looking for a quality and large gas grill should consider next features of these grill monsters presented in the table.

Weber Genesis II E-410

Weber 62050001 Genesis II Propane GrillThe Weber Genesis II E-410 is a large liquid propane grill with Weber’s GS4 cooking system and four color options: black, copper, red, and grey. It’s got four high performing burners with a temperature switch for each burning at 12,000 BTU, and a warming rack that can be collapsed for maximum space.  The cooking grate is iron and porcelain-enameled, 34 inches long by 19 inches deep for a total of 646 square inches of cooking space. You can grill about 6 32 oz porterhouse steaks, and four to five salmon halves.

The GS4 cooking system means that it’s got an Infinity electronic ignition, high-performance burners, flavorizer bars, and a grease management system. The grill is freestanding and its lower base is not walled in, for ease of grabbing what you need. There are two side tables with hooks on the end. It can be converted to a natural gas grill with the purchase of a third party converter kit. Learn differences between a natural gas grill and propane grills.

This grill is iGrill3 ready, so you can download a phone app and go watch the game inside until your phone alerts you that the grill is hot enough. For longer cooks, you can just check your phone to check the internal temperatures of the grill.

Pros and cons

Amazon’s assembly offer seems to have a lot of issues so it’s worth avoiding until they figure out how to streamline their own system. The grill itself has an issue where it doesn’t get as hot as the other models and its maximum temperature hovers below 600 F. If the grill is left out and exposed to the elements, it’s very likely to rust, so simply purchase a grill cover to preserve the life and aesthetics of your grill. There are some factory quality control issues where some pieces in the box may arrive scratched or dented.

Assembly only takes one to two hours, and it’s really not bad. The E-410’s ignition system works great and there are no issues with it breaking or ceasing to function after a few months, nor does the grill “explode” when turned on. Unlike many other grills, the E-410 is designed to let you replace the burners easily throughout the lifetime of the grill.

Royal Gourmet Mirage

Royal Gourmet Mirage Infrared Burner Gas GrillThe Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R is a propane and infrared two split hood with six burners at 16,000 BTU and a 7th side burner at 12,000 BTU. The main cooking area uses porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates and is a total of 30 inches long by 23 inches wide, with a thermometer in each hood, and two rear infrared burners.

It has two side tables that don’t collapse with hooks on the end. The grill is free standing on its cart that is fully encased in stainless steel with four handsome stainless steel doors to store your propane tank and other cooking supplies.

Review of the Mirage

This grill is prone to have some factory quality control issues that pop up in unpacking and assembly like scratched or bent parts or parts that don’t align properly. The customer service for Royal Gourmet is very nice and they will help you, so just contact them and they will make your grill right if it has any issues. It is prone to hot spots as the grill wears in over time and uses.

Aside from those things, this is a very nice, very impressive grill that looks and feels loaded with all the features that you could want or need.  It only takes two to three hours to assemble. It heats up in a matter of minutes.

Holland Grill Liberty

The Holland Grill Liberty Gas GrillHolland Grill’s Liberty HGG421900 model is a propane gas grill that doesn’t use the traditional many-burner model system but just a single cast iron burner that outputs 20,000 BTU of heat throughout the cooking grate via a deflector plate. The cooking grill surface is 23 inches deep by 30 inches long, with each of the two side shelves being about 23 inches deep by 10 inches long. It uses propane but can be converted to natural gas.

Holland Grill is known for making all of their grills exclusively inside the USA so that you can be sure what you are buying is a quality grill that will last you about 25 years. Holland Grill is the only company that has a no flare-up guarantee on all of their grills. It has an ash catching bucket, and a rack at the bottom to hold your propane tank.

Here you can look how Holland grills work and also which features they have.

Review of the Liberty

Holland Grills really have few complaints. They’re made well with quality control, and the company is very nice to help you if you have any issues. The most common complaint is rust from being exposed to the elements, so simply purchase a grill cover to preserve the life and beauty of your grill. You might need to get a replacement part here and there, but it’s nothing major.

Final Word

I think that the best gas grills on the market are the Weber Genesis II E-410, Royal Gourmet Mirage, and Holland Grill Liberty. The Weber E-410 is a great choice for folks who want to stick with name brands. The Mirage would be worth considering for a cook who wants lots of space and burners. But the Liberty is a grill for someone who doesn’t buy into bells and whistles and just wants a quality, sturdy grill that will last for a very long time.

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