Best Gas Grills Under 150 Dollars

Best gas grills under 150

Are you thinking of getting a gas grill? Use my guide and decide which of the best gas grills under 150 dollars will fit on your backyard. This is a sweet spot for shoppers who are planning a surprise gift or would like to pick up a starter grill for the cooking season. Let’s talk about three different grills and how they perform.

Best Gas Grills Under 150 Dollars

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Gas Grill24.4 x 25.2 x 38.2 inches4/5
Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill22 x 18 x 15 inches4.3/5
Master Cook Propane Grill46.5 x 22.8 x 41 inches4.1/5

Best Gas Grills Under 150 Dollars

These three grills run on gas and have features that you can check below in the text.

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Gas Grill

Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro is a free-standing propane powered infrared grill with an electric push-button ignition system – the Piezo ignition system. It has a temperature control on the front of the grill controlling the entire grill area. The grill comes with a warming bench a few inches above the main grated grilling surface.

The grill surface has 240 square inches, which breaks down to a circular diameter of 17.5 inches. You can fit six to eight chicken quarters on the grill at once depending on how you space foods and three standard slices of bread on the warming grill. For more flavor, you can add some wood chips to the grilling grate.

The grill unit utilizes the space below the grill as a shelf for the propane tank, with a metal ring to hold the bottom of the propane tank steady. Like all boxed products, this grill doesn’t come with the propane tank and you must buy it separately at any gas, convenience, or grocery station.  To convert the grill to use natural gas instead of propane, simply buy and install a third party converter kit.

What’s good and bad about the Patio Bistro infrared?

Some advertising language for the Patio Bistro implies that infrared prevents flare-ups completely, but that isn’t true. There will definitely be fewer flare-ups than a propane or charcoal grill, though.

Another issue is the infamous Piezo burner system which is prone to fail and included in most push-button start grills in the lower pricing ranges. Simply save your receipt and take advantage of the 1-year parts warranty and excellent customer service included with Char-Broil grills.

Over an extended period of time, the metal paint will begin to chip away, but this is purely aesthetic. Simply purchase a grill cover to extend the exterior life of your grill and protect it from the elements.

Aside from that, the Patio Bistro is an infrared grill that performs admirably and reliably. The grilled vegetables, meat, and seafood produced by the infrared cooking are always especially juicy. Wood Chips help to heighten the flavors to a new level.

Giantex Propane

Giantex TableTop Gas Grill

The Giantex Propane is not a full freestanding grill unit but a tabletop unit that’s meant to sit atop another surface. It’s got 20,000 BTU of heat to cook, (10,000 BTU each burner), which is substantially more than other grills that you will see in its competition category. The cooking surface is 21 inches long by about 13 inches wide, enough to cook about ten chicken quarters with thigh and leg.

For ease of storage, the grill legs can be folded under to make the unit smaller. The lid can be locked so that the grill can be carried easily around like a briefcase, making it a good candidate for barbeque cooks who like to cook in different places, such as the outdoors, or traveling to small family functions.

Is this grill worth it?

Giantex isn’t specifically a grill manufacturer but rather a home and outdoor goods manufacturer. That doesn’t necessarily automatically judge the grill, though. The temperature gauge doesn’t have very many settings, so it can be hard for very skilled chefs to cook at a single specific temperature. It also appears to be made out of cheaper materials.

Despite these things, the Giantex propane tabletop grill still performs very well, giving consistent slow-cooked barbeque, and the perfect fast cooked steaks. This grill would be great for a person on the go, especially if space is a concern, such as a frequent camper.

Master Cook Smart Space Grill

Master Cook Propane Grill

I really enjoyed my time with the Master Cook Smart Space propane grill. It’s got a Piezo ignition system and a large grilling space that’s  21 inches long by 15 inches wide, with 473 square inches – enough to hold at least ten chicken leg quarters depending on your spacing preferences, and about eight porterhouse steaks.

The grates are porcelain coated for ease of cleaning and better heat distribution. It delivers 10,000 BTU on each of its 3 gas burners, and each burner has its own temperature knob for better control and mastery of your grilling surface. The warming rack can be folded out of the way, and it holds about six slices of bread.

The unit is free-standing and has two collapsible side workstations. The bottom of the grill unit is empty and shielded for your propane tank. The lid has a temperature gauge.

How does the Smart Space grill compare to expectations?

The grill has a Piezo ignition system which is known for being unreliable and failing early on. To counter this, simply save your receipt and take advantage of the warranty information offered by the manufacturer. The other issue is that this grill tends not to be as hot burning as its competitors despite having a similar BTU per burner.

This grill has three burners, not two like its usual competitors in this price range, and it’s also free-standing with two collapsible side shelves, giving it a major edge.  The porcelain grill top coating is wonderful. For a full grill that’s packed with features, the Master Cook Smart Space is still a great buy for its budget category.

If you are thinking of getting a gas grill for the first time, I am suggesting you to read my guide on how to use a gas grill and avoid beginner mistakes.

Final Word

I really enjoyed all three grills and I felt that each one was for a different person and type of griller, but that all of them have superior features and performance for their price range. Now that most of your grill shopping is done and all that’s left is to pick one of the three, crack open a nice icy beer and enjoy the time that you’ve just saved!

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