Best Gas Grills Under 200 Dollars

Best Gas Grills Under 200

Are you thinking of getting a gas grill without going over your budget? Here you have a guide of best gas grills under 200 dollars.

Gas grills are known for their sturdy and dependable ability to get the right temperature. There’re no hours of waiting for the coals to burn into the perfect heat, there’re no guessing games, there’s just you, your meal, and the temperature control gauge, so that you can show off your delicious recipes without any embarrassments.

You don’t need to look at all gas grills, look at these three top performers and must-sees of the season, without going over your budget.

Best Gas Grills Under 200 Dollars

Char-Griller 3001 Gas Grill42 x 25 x 50 inches4.2/5
Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE33.8 x 13.5 x 19.1 inches4.3/5
Huntington 30040HNT Gas Grill54 x 22 x 43.5 inches3.3/5

Best Gas Grills Under 200

Here are three grills that run on gas with features for you to consider.

Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro

Char-Griller 3001 Gas GrillChar-Griller’s 3001 Grillin’ Pro is a propane grill that gives off a whopping 40,800 BTUs of heat and firey willpower to cook. The grill has 438 square inches, which translates to 17.5 inches long by 25 inches wide. It’s got a warming rack that’s 17.5 inches long by 11 inches wide for 192 square inches.

The ignition system is push-button, electronically starting your fire at a comfortable level. The grates are cast iron but coated in porcelain for easy cleaning and even heat distribution. On the left side is a workstation that doubles as a side cooker with its own control knob, and there is another workstation on the right side of the grill. These workstations don’t fold down, neither does the warming rack.

The barrel design of this grill provides smoking, doubling this grill usefulness to an introductory smoker, too. The high lid enables you to cook more foods than smaller grills, from beer can chickens to Thanksgiving turkeys.

Downsides and upsides

This grill is prone to rust if you don’t cover it with a grill cover, and depending on your local weather, it could happen within three months after you ordered the grill. This is an easy fix, simply get your grill cover.

Another common problem is quality control within the production factory, resulting in missing or broken pieces. Simply follow up with your product’s warranty and exchange it for a new, better one.

Aside from those issues, this is a great grill that cooks very well. Temperature control is easier to handle in the lower range. Your food will come out tasting great.

Coleman Road Trip LXE

Coleman Road Trip Grill LXEThe Coleman Road Trip LXE is a portable propane grill, thus it is smaller and lighter in weight, folding up to an easily manageable size, which is about the size of a collapsed vacuum cleaner (39 inches long by 12 inches wide), weighing only 49 lbs.

It comes in multiple colors and offers 20,000 BTUs of cooking heat through its push-button ignition system, and offers about 18 inches long by 15 inches wide cooking surface. It has multiple cooking grates – all of them are cast iron and porcelain coated – and there are 2 burners with different temperature controls for differently heated cooking areas.

The Road Trip LXE is a grill in a line with other alternatives, the Road Trip Propane LX. The LX has snap-on side tables rather than the LXE’s sliding inwards ones, and the LX has legs, instead of the LXE’s wheels. I feel that the LXE is hands down a better buy.


Like other grills in this category, it’s prone to rust if you leave it exposed to the elements. Some other issues are with the plastic parts aging and becoming brittle, especially in very dry, hot locations.

It’s also prone to some quality control issues that manifest in different ways, like the fuel system not lighting, the grill cooking surface being uneven, or the temperature of the grill not corresponding to what the temperature control knobs are set at.


It’s easy to understand the instructions and the assembly process is a breeze. It folds up easily. Cooking on the grill goes well and the heat is easy to control, with the temperature controls working flawlessly.

Huntington Gas Grill

Huntington 30040HNT Gas GrillThis is the Huntington 30040HNT, a liquid propane gas grill, cast in aluminum and steel. It has 30,000 BTU of heat on its 3 individually controlled burners. The cooking surface area is 430 square inches (21 inches long by 20 inches wide) on porcelain coated grilling grates for easier cleanup. It has 2 side shelves.

Common problems

Some common problems with this grill are troublesome instructions that aren’t really in order, making it easy to mess up on steps and assemble it improperly, which leads to issues.

All grills are prone to rust, so simply purchase a grill cover to keep it sparkly, clean, and new looking.

It’s also made fast and cheap, so some parts may be subpar or malformed. Some parts are prone to fail quickly, such as the regulator. For issues with this, simply consult your warranty and exchange it for a free replacement.

What’s good about it

This grill reaches high temperatures, making it not a good fit for novice grillers. If you know what to do, you can get tasting food cooked well. It’s a great grill for the price.


On my list of the best gas grills under 200 dollars, I felt that the Char-Griller grill was the best fit for my skill set and grilling methods, as I like to cook big pieces of food occasionally and even though this grill is not a smoker, I enjoy keeping the lid down for a more smokey taste. Now that you’ve got the market narrowed down to the three best propane grills in the class, picking out your perfect grill should be splendid and easy. Happy grilling!

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