Best Grills Under 1000 Dollars

Best Grills Under 1000

Are you looking for a large and quality grill? Whether or not money is an issue, you still want to make sure that your hard-earned cash is spent for a good purchase rather than whatever was on sale at the big box department store.

To help keep your nose pointed towards the brightest stars in your price range, I’ve scouted out the best grills under 1000 dollars and compiled them into this blog post, so that you can rest easy you’re not settling for a big hunk of junk. Here are the quality grills that you are looking for.

Best Grills Under 1000 Dollars

Weber Genesis II E-410 Gas Grill33 x 39 x 26 inches4.3/5
PK Grills PK360 Grill & Smoker23 x 54 x 43 inches4.6/5
Camp Chef SmokePro SG Grill Smoker40.5 x 28 x 22 inches5/5

Best Grills under 1000 Dollars

These grills will be perfect for families who love to grill often and for all of you who like to throw backyard parties. Let’s see their features.

Weber Genesis II E-410

Weber Genesis II E 410 Gas GrillThe Weber Genesis II E-410, model 67010001 is a natural gas grill with four burners, that can be customized to the options of ebony black, copper gold, maroon red, or sterling silver hood covers, and can be also ordered as a liquid propane version.

The grilling surface is 34 inches long by 19 inches deep and the warming rack, which can be moved out of the way, measures 34 inches long by 6 inches wide for a total of 98 square inches, enough to hold ten slices of bread or hamburger buns. The grill is cast iron with porcelain enameling.

The Genesis II has iGrill3 capabilities. Simply download an app to take advantage of iGrill3 connectivity, viewing your grill’s temperatures, how your food is faring, as well as recommended cooking times. This grill also takes advantage of Weber’s GS4 grilling technologies consisting of the Infinity electronic ignition, high-performance burners, flavorizer bars to redirect the grease flow and prevent flare-ups, and an easy to clean grease management system.

This grill is a free standing grill unit, complete with an open cart and wheels on all four legs. There are two workstations on either end that don’t fold down, but they do have hooks at the end to hang your barbeque utensils. Here is how you can assembly the Weber Genessis grill.

Thoughts on the Genesis II

There are many features on this grill that let you know that it’s a heavy duty grill here to stay, such as the way that the burner tubes aren’t permanently slaughtered to the unit but can be moved in and out of holes, so that when a tube exceeds its lifespan and dies out, it can be easily replaced. The grease management system is well done and feels as easy as a luxury vehicle. The wheels are heavy duty and sturdy. Lastly, all of the electronics are heat shielded so that they won’t fizzle out after so many times baking along with your food on the grill.

The Genesis II is a grill that a very large family will love or someone who hosts larger events in their backyard often. It would also be a great grill for an organization that regularly hosts grilling events, but it’s so large that it may take two cooks when it is fully loaded.

Learn which are differences in a natural gas grill and a propane grill performance.

PK Grills PK360

PK Grills PK360 GrillPK Grills PK360-BTBX-D, or simply known as the PK360 is a gas grilling and smoking combination unit known for its quality and sturdiness that comes in all the PK Grills products. This grill is all about control: control over your heating, smoking, and over your venting. You can easily manage the ash.

This grill comes in a pencil tip black color scheme, but it is made out of heavy-duty aluminum so that it will never ever rust, even if you don’t use a grill cover. Other grills can’t stand up to that promise. Not only that, but PK’s lid thermometer is accurate up to a single degree, which most other grills can’t approach, either.

The PK360 is a full sized unit, with two wheels and two legs. The lid has a thermometer, and there are two side table workstations that fold inwards to save space when storing.

Who the PK360 is for

The PK360 would be great for a cook who’s always complaining about inaccuracy, food that didn’t turn out right, or not having the tools to cook more delicate recipes. It could also be a good gift for someone who wants a higher end grill to show off but doesn’t have space for one of the monster-sized grills.

If you like smoky-flavored food then you should also check this grill.

Camp Chef SmokePro SG

Camp Chef SmokePro Grill SmokerThe Camp Chef SmokePro SG is a wood pellet and smoker made by Camp Chef company, which is known for their unique wood pellet grills, all offering superior wood pellet delivery technology. This unit has 4850 total inches cubed on the inside and its hopper holds 22 lbs of pellets, enough for almost a full 24 hours of constant cooking without a refill, as a wood pellet grill will go through about 1 lb of pellets in an hour.

This grill and smoker is a bit different from other grills as it has two grilling racks inside, with the top racking being removable for extra space when grilling something very large, such as a whole hog or a 25 lb turkey. The upper rack is 17 inches long by 22 inches wide (382 square inches) and the bottom rack is 19.5 inches long by 22 inches wide (429 square inches).

Take a look at this video and see how Camp Chef grill works.

Review of the SmokePro SG

As with all of Camp Chef’s grills, the SmokePro can turn any cook into a pro griller, thanks to the ability to follow recipe instructions down to a 1-degree margin. The SmokePro is easy to use, easy to clean and gives food that little bit of added extra flavor due to wood. It does fine with normal grilling and it does very well with cooking at low and slow temperatures for an extra juicy dinner.


The Weber Genesis II E-410 is a massive monster of a grill that can cook for a whole gaggle of hungry party guests or a super large family, and all in style. The PK Grills PK360-BTBX-D is smaller but offers superior control over cooking and can fold up to a smaller size. Its functionality is similar to the SmokePro SG, except that the SmokePro has a massive amount of room with its double grill capability and that is also made for smoking.

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