How To Use A Gas Grill For The First Time?

How To Use A Gas Grill For The First Time

It can be intimidating to use a new fire-powered device for the first time. Are you a new gas grill owner? Here’s a guide on how to use a gas grill for the first time and not set your food or your house on fire! Let’s get grilling in style – and safety, while looking like proud, experienced cooks.

How to use a Gas Grill for the First Time?

Using this type of grill require some skills that you should know before starting to cook on a cooking device that runs on gas and here are some tips for you to grill safely.

Double check the assembly

gas grill assemblyIt sounds absurd, but you’d be surprised at the number of grilling adventures that failed the first time because the grill itself wasn’t a viable cooking unit and they had been set up for failure from the very beginning. The first thing you want to do is double check your grill unit.

Make sure that it is put together correctly, and especially make sure that it is sturdy.  A metal box is designed to hold fire, and it can’t do its job well if it is wobbling all over the place – and if this is the case, a house fire is sure to ensue!

What to do if your grill is wobbly

If your grill unit isn’t stable, it’s critical to correct that before starting your grilling job. If the grill isn’t a full-sized unit but more of a portable unit, find a better table or resting surface. If it’s the grill itself that’s wobbling, try to find something that isn’t flammable to prop under your grill to keep the grill extremely still, such as a metal door stopper. If you can’t find anything that’s stable, don’t use it, and wait with cooking until you solve this problem first.

If the grill is stable, but the whole grilling cart is wobbly, then try your grill on a flat surface, and then inside a gravel pit, and find whatever works best to keep your grill still. This way you will be more confident to use your grill safely.

Grill maintenance

You always want to make sure your grill is at least reasonably clean before you start grilling. While it is true that some organic material will be burnt off like a self-cleaning oven, all of it certainly won’t be, and flammable, organic material is a big problem. Make sure that every time that you cook on your grill, it isn’t caked in grease or other fire fuels. You don’t want your entire grill erupting in flames!

While you make sure if your grill is ready for use, you should check the grease trap and empty it out. You should also give it a cursory wipe down before replacing the trap. A trap that is overly full will leak out onto the ground beneath you, and onto the grill, too. Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that the trap is fine, but it can overflow with the intended grilling load.

 Check the connections

Yeah yeah, you want to light your grill! Hang on; you’re almost there, you need to perform one last, vital check that the propane canister is hooked up correctly and that it isn’t leaking. Make sure that the propane is secure and gently turn the valve on. With a spray bottle, spray some water and dish-soap solution onto the valve and gas hose. If it bubbles, there’s a leak. If there are no bubbles, you’re set to go.

What to do if your propane tank or gas line is leaking

If you’ve got a leakage, you don’t want to proceed – you’d light the whole leak of gas on a fire. You need to go to the hardware store and get another hose or swap out your faulty propane tank. Both parts should be pretty easy to fit on, as most grills are made with the knowledge that in some climates these hoses don’t fare well, so they’re made to swap out easily.

Turning on the grill

Now that you’re sure that your grill isn’t a fireball but just a fire cooker, it’s time to light the grill. Make sure the valve to the gas is turned on slightly, and activate the grill’s lighter. Some grills have push buttons, some have strikers when you turn the temperature knob, and some require manual lighting.

What to do if your grill doesn’t light

If you’ve turned on the gas and tried to light the grill with an electronic lighter or internal mechanism of the grill but it didn’t light, then turn off the grill and wait a few minutes for the gas fumes to dissipate. If you try to light it right away, the grill will more or less explode into flames because of excess gas around the grill from not lighting the first time correctly.

What to do if your grill doesn’t light at all

If your grill’s lighter is not working at all, then you’ll have to light your grill manually. After your dinner, you’ll need to gather your warranty and support information and inform the company of the problem. It could be that the grill is defective, or that you forgot a step in assembly or set-up.

After dinner is done

After you’ve finished cooking, turn off the grill. I like to clean mine at this point because it makes me happy to see the wisps of smoke as I brush off the excess, but also because I know it’s easier to clean now then before it has sat and weathered.

What to do with the propane tank

gas tank storageWhere to put the propane tank gets a lot of people into a problem spot. Now, the grill itself can stay outside, it can stay in the shade, or you can store it in a shed of some kind. I always recommend a grill cover to protect and endure your investment, though.

But the propane tank always has to be outside. It can’t go inside, and it can’t go in a shed. The reason for this is because if the tank leaks, it’s outdoors where it can mix in the air and dilute faster rather than becoming concentrated in a small, trapped area.


I hope this guide helped you to understand how you should deal with the gas grill properly. It’s not very hard; there are just a few more safety checks than with a wood or charcoal briquette grill to make sure that everything is sound. Now that you know what you’re doing, you can strut your stuff and show off that delicious bbq!

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